What’s the difference between doing a rapid credit rescore and an actual credit repair?  

When I’m reviewing the credit report of someone who, for example, is a borderline candidate to qualify for a mortgage pre-approval or move into a better interest rate bracket and they only need to boost their credit score a little bit to make these things happen, in that case I’d do a rapid credit rescore.

The first part of doing a rapid credit rescore is seeing what can be done to boost that person’s score. After that, I need a letter from their creditor stating the disposition of the account so we can take that letter directly to the credit reporting agency and dispute that account so changes can be made in as little as three to five days.

“A credit repair takes longer than a rapid credit rescore.”

When I’m reviewing a credit report of someone whose credit score is way out of qualifying range for a pre-approval or it would take more than just one or two small fixes to get their score where it needs to be, that’s when I’d make a call to our in-house credit repair consultant and do a full credit repair. That consultant will then review that client’s credit report and work with them to initiate more permanent fixes to their credit score. Because of this, a credit repair takes longer than a rapid credit rescore.

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