Today one of our loan partners, Justin Tolen, will go over a little bit more about the loan process and share a little bit about himself.

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Last time, we talked to Crystal about the application process. Today, our loan partner Justin Tolen is here to explain how he helps you get to the closing table.

Justin has been with Success Mortgage Partners for a little over a year, but he has worked in the mortgage industry for about 12. Before joining us, Justin was a program manager at another large mortgage company.

Justin guides buyers and agents from the point of application, to underwriting, to the closing table. He helps gather any necessary documentation along the way so that the process goes as smoothly as possible for all parties involved. Justin also helps translate any confusing mortgage jargon that could otherwise leave clients feeling lost.


“What I enjoy most about being a mortgage partner is being able to call people and tell them they are clear to close,” says Justin. “Who doesn’t like new things, and what’s better than a new house?”

One thing people tend not to think about when it comes to mortgages is the number of people behind the scenes who work on their loans. Throughout the entire process, there are over 20 people who may touch an individual loan. These people will check and recheck everything to help you get into your house as quickly as possible.

“I’d like to add that you will not see me at the closing table. They don’t let me out very often,” Justin jokes.

If you have any other questions for Justin about the loan process, just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to help you!