We’d like you to meet Jamie Lowe, the newest addition to the team. Jamie will be our business development representative.

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Today I wanted to introduce Jamie Lowe, our newest team member. As the business development representative for our team, Jamie will work with Realtors, builders, and others in the community to give support and build awareness for everything our team offers.

Jamie will be in charge of marketing efforts both online and face to face. She will make sure your incoming referrals are followed up on in a timely and professional manner, and we’re really excited to have her on our team in this capacity.

Jamie will be coming by your office in the near future to introduce herself and tell you more about what she can do for you. We are looking forward to having Jamie on our team to help us provide you with better service.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about mortgages or the loan process, you can always call me at 352.242.1535 or you can email me at Kristin@KristinJamiesonFL.com.