By the time you’ve made it to the closing table in your transaction, the hard part is over.

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Our walkthrough of the mortgage process continues with the closing day. First off, congratulations. You made it. This is what you’ve been working toward for weeks, maybe months. Let’s walk through what’s going to happen on closing day step-by-step.

On your way to the closing table, you will wire your funds to the title company. Once you get to the title company, that’s where you will re-sign everything that you have previously signed. You may have done e-signatures all the way through, but we need your physical signature on every single document. Bring an ice pack for your hand if need be.

You should also bring two forms of identification with you. One should be your driver’s license, and the other can be something that verifies your name or identity, like a social security card. The closing agent is going to review all the paperwork with you as you sign it. Once you are done signing the documents, they are going to take a few select documents and send them back to our closing department to get funding authorization. We as the lender will then have to review those documents before we release the money to the seller.


If you’ve been issued funding authorization and the buyer and seller documents are all signed, you can leave the closing table and go directly to your new house to celebrate. There’s no delay with you getting in, although it is a good idea to have your utilities switched over for when you take possession of the home.

Congratulations, this is a huge accomplishment. You have achieved the dream of homeownership. If you have any questions for us or know anyone looking to buy a home, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.