Today we’re answering a question about credit score requirements for different types of home loans and how you can get your score up if you don’t qualify.

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Today we’re answering more questions from real estate agents about home loans. The question we’ll address today is, “What credit score is necessary for each type of loan?”

At Success Mortgage Partners, our credit score requirements might be a little different than other places, but we do have very liberal credit score requirements for each particular loan type. These are the scores we will lend for by type:

• FHA: 600 • VA: 600 • USDA: 620 (if we are generating a credit score) • Conventional: 620


There are things we can do for buyers on the borderline with their credit score, such as helping people have a higher balance on one of their credit cards. We can coach them on paying that balance down and working on credit rescore to get them to the point of qualifying.

If someone is way out of the realm of qualifying, we don’t just turn our backs. We make referrals to credit repair companies that we’ve worked with who we know do a good job and care about their clients. Just like lenders, not all credit repair companies are created equal, so we’ve done a lot of research in this area.

If someone you know has a score that’s below our requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to start a conversation. If you have any other questions about lending guidelines or how we can help, give me a call or send us an email. We’d love to help!